Most Epic Celebrity Breakdowns and There Triumphant Come Backs!


So, Kanye West is exhausted and suffering from sleep deprivation, has been hospitalized and is acting erratic… Well, I feel ya’ Bro! Insomnia is a Bitch! So as a homage to Kanye, Slicedpickles has put together a list of celebs who totally lost it, and most of them bounced back, better than ever! Here’s to you Yeezy!


Mel Gibson’s breakdown began in 2006, with a DUI and an anti-semitic rant on some police officer’s. He was later recorded by his former girlfriend, and mother to one of his children spewing racist taunts about black people and Mexican’s.

Gibson attributes his meltdown to years of hardcore drinking, and depression. He recently told People Magazine:

“I’ve worked on myself a lot,” Gibson adds in a somber voice. “I’m a different person than I was back then. But the thing that remains the same is I think I could always tell a story.”

Gibson says any anti-Semitic label is unfair.

“It’s not true. None of my actions bear that sort of reputation, before or since. So it’s a pity, after 30 or 40 years of doing something, you get judged on one night. And then you spend the next 10 years suffering the scourges of perception,” says Gibson. “But it’s my fault for having (allowed) that perception, I fed the bullet to the gun.”

Now Gibson is working on himself trying to make people trust him again, and has just released a new movie that he directed ‘Hacksaw Ridge.’

It took him a while, but he has fought his way back.


Lindsay Lohan may not be the one Kanye would want to turn to for advice on how to get better, let’s face it, no one knows for sure if Lindsay is better or not.

Looking through a timeline of events in her life, her troubles most likely began when she had surgery on her appendix in 2007. Lohan would spend time in rehab when she became addicted to her pain medication. From there she has had several bouts with police, with charges including DUI and hit and run.

She would later go on to seem to get her life back together, even getting engaged, but then breaking up with Egor Tarabasov, a Russian millionaire who now claims Lindsay caused him to go broke.

Just recently, she chopped off the tip of her finger in a boating accident and shared the gruesome incident on SnapChat, so we can’t call it. Maybe she’s better?


Roseanne Barr has made it no secret that she suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, Agoraphobia, and Depression, but in 1997 she was in a dispute with producers of her hit show on ABC, “Roseanne.”

Barr Fought her way back, though she has chooses, (for the most part) to stay out of the spotlight. She sends her time fight for women’s rights and trying to get other actresses the credit they deserve for the work they do.


Charlie Sheen had what could be considered a breakdown back in 2011, when the celebrity was ousted from the hit show ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Sheen would go off on rants claiming he had tiger’s blood, and that he was “Winning,” while calling the producers of the show “Nazi’s” and other names.

Sheen admitted to Playboy magazine later that he just cracked, but that he had a lot of built up anger:

“It was the buildup of all the time I’ve been in the business, the divorces and everything,” he says. “I started to unravel. I was mad about having to play the game—not that I was playing it well, but I’d been doing it for so long. I finally just said the things I had always been thinking. But in the middle of a psychotic break.”

Sheen would go on to star in the Fox hit, ‘Anger Management,’ until it was cancelled in 2014. He then came out publically stating that he had HIV, and now is doing his best just to stay healthy.

Good luck Charlie we are rooting for you.


Carrie Fisher had a breakdown in 2011, while aboard a cruise ship. The incident was recorded and forced the actress to take stock, and get help. Fisher suffers from bipolar disorder, and has been open about it for a long time.

She returned to her role as Princess Leia, in the “Star Wars” franchise in 2015 and recently opened up about a love affair she had had with Harrison Ford. She has also appeared on multiple talk shows discussing her mental illness and promoting awareness.

As Fisher once put it, “I’m very sane about how crazy I am.”


Mischa Barton had a breakdown on 2009, while portraying a model on the CW series “The Beautiful Life.”The actress said botched wisdom tooth surgery, and being prescribed Xanax for anxiety led to her breakdown which led to a stay in a mental institution.

Once released, Barton retreated to London for a year and healed her mind, body, and spirit. She is now back in the US, working and is better than ever.


Mariah Carey had an emotional breakdown the summer 2001. The celebrity Diva, had said that she was physically exhausted after shooting the film “Glitter” and the soundtrack for the movie. Both projects bombed, and left the singer’s future looking bleak. The songstress eventually sought help in a couple of hospitals, and turned her life around.

She went on to release several more successful albums, marry Nick Cannon and have 2 kid, then divorce Nick. She got engaged to a Billionaire and split with him… maybe she’s okay?


Demi Lovato checked herself into a treatment facility in 2010. She had been suffering from eating disorders and cutting, but learned how to deal with her emotions and cope with her disorder.

Lovato has since come back, healthier than ever and spends her time helping teens and others who may be experiencing the same issues she faced.


Britney Spears had a major public meltdown in 2008, which culminated with her shaving her head, losing custody of her two sons and two stints in a psychiatric hospital. But, Britney has bounced back, reformed her image and is hotter than ever!

She has regained custody of her sons, released, a few albums, and has a residency show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Way to go Brit!


Amanda Bynes has spent her time on psychiatric holds, starting in 2012. The actress had been showing Bizarre behavior that led to the hold in March of 2012, but the ultimate happened in August of 2012, when she was caught trying to start a fire in her neighbors driveway in Southern California. This incident placed her on a 72 hour hold, which was extended 30 days and led to a conservatorship to be overseen by her mother.

Bynes, has been doing better, with only an occasional rant on Twitter, she seems to be staying on the straight and narrow. Good luck, Amanda!