10 People Who Have Extraordinary Abilities – Real Life Superheros!

In a world fill of idiots and know-it-all’s, it is nice to know that there are still people out there with such unique capabilities that even those who view themselves as extraordinary, can still be out outdone by someone else.

“Mr. Eat-All”

Did either of your parents ever tell you not to eat something for fears you might choke? Well, Michael Lotito, or “Mr. Eat-All” as he is known is famous for eating metal and other things upon which others might frown.

Lotito has eaten nine tons of metal which include seven televisions, two beds, 15 shopping carts, 18 bicycles, and a small Cessna 150 which took him two years to complete.

I don’t know what’s worse, the thought of him chewing and swallowing the metal or what it might feel like coming out?! Ouch!

“The Rubber Man”

Daniel Browning Smith’s ability as “The Rubber Man” can make even the best contortionists look stiff. Smith can move his body in any direction, dislocate his arms and legs, and even move his entire upper body and face backward without moving his legs.

When Daniel was a teenager, he wanted to become a contortionist, so he trained his body, and at 18 ran away with a traveling circus. He set his goals high, trying to become the best in the world. And in the views of many professionals in the area, he has done just that, and become the best.

“The Ice Man”

Wim Hof or the “The Ice Man” as he is otherwise known, can withstand freezing temperatures that would harm most people. Hof is a 57-year-old Dutchman, who was not even aware that he had this ability until his late 20’s. Hof was walking through the park during the dead of winter and wondered what it would feel like to jump into the nearby ice. To his surprise, it felt tremendously good, especially after he got out of the water, so he began to repeat the process every day.

Doctors assume that his body has acclimated to the cold temperatures, and that is why he has developed his ability, but neither Doctors nor Scientists can fully explain this phenomenon.

“The Ultrarunner”

Dean Karnazes in an “ultrarunner” able to run distances further than most could ever dream. The California native has finished some of the most challenging endurance runs ever, including the Marathon des Sables, and a South Pole run that had temperatures that dipped below negative 25 degrees Celsius.

According to Dean, willpower has a lot to do with his endless endurance, but he also spends a lot of time training and maintaining a top physical form.

Doctors have tested Karnazes with a battery of endurance tests, and they uniformly said that none of them had ever seen anyone else with the same level of endurance as Karnazes.

Karnazes, unlike other runners, joggers, or even walkers seems to not suffer from the same endurance limits as others. It may be willpower; it may be conditioning, who knows? What we do know is, it is abnormal and extraordinary.

“The Thin Man”

Imagine being able to eat anything that you want and not gaining any weight. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, John Perry is living that dream. Sure, it sounds great, eating all of the cookies, pizza, and cheese you want, but Perry actually has a rare disease called lipodystrophy. This means that his body burns fat much faster than the average person, a condition he has had since he was 12. John has stated that his condition was very frustrating at different points of his life, especially when he was in high school playing football. He did not like taking off his shirt because he was so much skinnier than his peers.

He would often eat fattening foods like chocolate with hopes of gaining weight. It took doctors many years to diagnose his condition, but he is in no danger, he will just always be skinny.

Super Reflexes

Isao Machii holds multiple Guinness World Records that he achieved by becoming an Iaido Master. Being an Iaido Master means that he is incredibly skilled with swords. His skills are amplified by what can only be described as superhuman reflexes. Some also believe that Isao may also have superhuman sensory abilities, since much of what he does, relies on can’t be done by sight. Isao speaks about how he processes things, and he says he has to process things at another level.

Iaso did not develop these reflexes overnight; he put in countless hours of practice and devotion to his craft. He has honed his craft so so much that he once cut a BB gun pellet in half in mid-air, which shows, that if you are willing to dedicate yourself to something you want to become, you may just become the best at it and develop an extraordinary ability in the process.

“The Human Camera”

Stephen Wiltshire, or “The Human Camera” as he has been called, has one of the most remarkable abilities on this list. He can look at any skyline in the world and draw it by hand with perfect accuracy. He does all of this from memory, with no references.

Stephen is 42-years-old and if from London. He is a very well known artist there and has received recognition for his contributions to the arts, including an MBE.

Wiltshire is an autistic, “savant,” but many consider him a genius because of his ability to remember everything so accurately. Unlike a photograph, Wiltshire can update his memory as the environment around him changes. If anything in the skyline changes, he can immediately tell you what is different and draw it out.

Stephen’s ability was discovered when he was very young; he would use pencil and paper as a coping mechanism for his autism. When he did not have access to pen or paper, he would throw tantrums. He had a hard time interacting and being in social situations for most of his life. However, his popularity as an artist has helped him a lot, and he is enjoying his life in the in the artistic spotlight.

“Super Vision”

Artist Concetta Antico isn’t your ordinary artist. She is an artist with an extraordinary gift. She has tetrachromacy which according to Wikipedia is “the condition of possessing four independent channels for conveying color information, or possessing four types of cone cells in the eye.”

This condition is extremely rare and gives Concetta the ability to see 100 million colors. She can see colors in the Ultraviolet and UV range. Fans of Ghosthunters should be jealous because she has no need for buying expensive full spectrum photography equipment.

“No Pain”

Thanks to a condition known as congenital analgesia, Steve Pete cannot feel pain. Though not being able to feel pain may sound like a blessing, your body allows you to feel pain for a reason; it is to warn you or alert you that something is wrong.

Steve has proven that this ability is somewhat of a curse to himself on more than one occasion, with multiple broken bones that even he was not aware. He once broke his arm and did not know that he had broken it until the bone came through his arm.

Though this condition is rare, Steve’s brother Chris also has congenital analgesia. The brothers both have to proceed with caution during their daily lives, and if anything happens to hem internally, they simply have no way of knowing something is wrong. So the next time you wish you couldn’t feel pain, think about Steve and Chris.

“The Real Bat Man”

Though Ben Underwood passed away in 2009, what he left behind has helped people who are blind around the world. Ben was diagnosed with retinal cancer when he was only 2-years-old, upon diagnoses, his eyes were removed. At the age of five, Ben started teaching himself echolocation as a way to get around. He would click his tongue and would be able to see what was around him based on the soundwaves he received back. Bats see with vibrations, in the same way, it makes a series of sounds and vibrations from these sounds bounce off the surroundings.

Ben was excellent at echolocation and was able to teach others his technique before he passed away. He was even featured on 20/20 and other programs because of his amazing ability.