The Worst NFL Teams of All Time

2007 Miami Dolphins

Record : 1 – 15
Head coach : Cam Cameron

In 2007, the New England Patriots went 16-0 only to lose in the Superbowl to the New York Giants. On the flipside of that were the Miami Dolphins who went 1-15, helping them secure their place in our countdown. With star quarterback, Trent Green injured early in the season; the Dolphins were lucky to win the one game that they did. Being the backup quarterback did not bode well for the man who would take Green’s place, Cleo Lemon, who proved to be a bad choice for anyone who was a fan of the Dolphins. Throw in the fact that they had just sent Wide Receiver Wes Welker to the Patriots, and he would be instrumental to their 16-0 record.


2001 Carolina Panthers

Record : 1-15
Head coach : George Seifert

Chris Weinke was one of the pioneers of rookie quarterbacks being fed to the lions in his first season. Though it is not unheard of these days, back in 2001, teams played with seasoned quarterbacks to give their rookies time to learn. The Panthers, however, had picked up Chris Weinke in the fourth round of the draft and decided he was the best man to run their offense. Weinke averaged 36 passes per game but completed less than 55 percent of those passes. He also had 19 interceptions and only 11 touchdowns. The Panthers would not make that same mistake again.


1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record : 0-14
Head coach : John McKay

In their first season in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were horrible. With a team that was made up of 2nd team players that the other NFL teams had to give up to complete their expansion team roster and no draft picks, the Bucs tried to make it work with what they had. Even though they tried their best, the team lost every game, only averaging 9 points per game. Their longest completed pass for the season was 38 yards thrown by Steve Spurrier. Their average point deficit for the year was 20 points. The Bucs were so bad that they would lose another 12 games in 1977 before finally achieving their first win against the New Orleans Saints.


1934 Cincinnati Reds

Record : 0-8
Head coach : Algy Clark

When you think of the Cincinnati Reds, you automatically think of baseball, but would you believe they were also a football team? Back in 1934, the Bengals were the Reds. They were one of the first football teams to go winless throughout an entire season, which back in those days, meant they were 0 – 8. The Reds only lasted for two seasons, perhaps because in those two seasons they only managed to score one touchdown.


2000 San Diego Chargers

Record : 1-15
Head coach : Mike Riley

In 2000, The San Diego Chargers fell victim to a quarterback who just didn’t fit with their system in Ryan Leaf. With Leaf in the quarterback position, they were forced to run, and that didn’t work very well either as they only managed 1,062 yards for the entire season. They did manage to win the award for least amount of rushing yards of all time. The Chargers, despite a few close games, would end their season 1-15. The next year they found themselves going in the right direction when they drafted LaDainian Tomlinson.


1960 Dallas Cowboys

Record : 0-11-1
Head coach : Tom Landry

The 1960 Dallas Cowboys was another team made up of expansion players, so in their debut season they were not supposed to be any good, but I doubt many believed that they be as bad as they were. Legendary football coach Tom Landry was at the Helm of this team, and though he is viewed as one of the best NFL coaches ever, there was little he could do to help this team od walk-on players.The Cowboys finished their season 0-11-1. The one tie that they managed to get ended the Giants chance at a division title.


1996 New York Jets

Record : 1-15
Head coach : Rich Kotite

In 1996, the New York Jets played Moneyball and lost. The Jets had spent over $70million  on free agents, one of which was Keyshawn Johnson. Starting out optimistic, the Jets would begin their season 0-6, and then lost their main pick, quarterback, Neil O’ Donnell. The Jets would end their season 1-15, and give head coach Rich Kotite his walking papers, giving way to Bill Parcells.


1991 Indianapolis Colts

Record : 1-15
Head coach : Ron Meyer/Rick Venturi

In 1984, the Colts moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis and during those first years the Colts failed to make much of an impact in the NFL. At the time, they had a star running back in six-time Pro Bowler Eric Dickerson. Despite having Dickerson, the could not create any offense, finishing the year with just 143 points, which was the lowest amount of points any NFL team had scored in a 16 game season up to that point. Dickerson, who became so frustrated told fans even he wouldn’t pay to see them play. They did manage, however, to win one game, beating the New York Jets by one point in week 11.


1971 Buffalo Bills

Record : 1-13
Head coach : Harvey Johnson
If you’ve seen the 9 part series “OJ Simpson Made in America,” you got to see Harvey Johnson speaking about all of the things the Bills were going to do during the season. Then you noticed that he tries to turn O.J. into a receiver. Johnson managed to find out the one thing on a football field that O.J. Simpson couldn’t do, and that was ‘catch the ball.’ The fault, in this case, was not so much that of the team but that of a coach with little experience. Johnson tried to coach the team the way he wanted to instead of the way he needed to, and it did not work. The Bills would finish 1-13, with an offense and defense ranked last for the season, and Johnson would be retired.


2009 St. Louis Rams

Record: 1-15
Head coach: Steve Spagnuolo

Since World War II’s Chicago Cardinals, no NFL team hit as bad of a three-year slump as the St. Louis Rams did 2007-2009. The Rams won only six games during these seasons. In 2009, only scored 175 points for the entire season which is the sixth lowest-scoring team ever in a 16 game season. The only team they managed to beat that year was the Detroit Lions, who had just come out of the worst season ever with their franchise.


1989 Dallas Cowboys

Record : 1-15
Head coach : Jimmy Johnson

When you hear the name Troy Aikman, as a football fan you think football legend and one of the best quarterbacks of all time. It is rare to think that he might be associated with one of the worst football teams in NFL history, especially when Jimmy Johnson is the head coach. Believe it or not, the Cowboys were awful in 1989. Troy Aikman was a rookie and Johnson was the coach. For the first time in history, the Cowboys would not be featured at least once on Monday Night Football, as their only win came at the hand of the Washington Redskins in week 9. The saving grace for the season was what they were able to accomplish for the following season when they convinced the Vikings to take Hershal Walker in exchange for eight draft picks, and five players, helping them to become one of the most dominant teams in the NFL throughout the 90’s.


1981 Baltimore Colts

Record : 0-8-1
Head coach : Frank Kush

The 1981 Baltimore Colts were the last team to have a winless season until the 2008 Detroit Lions came along. They had many problems, but perhaps the most obvious issue was they couldn’t run the ball. In one game, they even failed to get the ball across the 50-yard line and lost 20-0. They did benefit from a strike which shortened the season to just nine games. Otherwise, they may have gone 0-15-1.


1992 Seattle Seahawks

Record : 2-14
Head coach : Tom Flores

In 1992, The Seattle Seahawks had an offense that was atrocious, scoring only 140 points, and only managing 1,778 passing yards. One thing that did manage to save their season a bit was the fact that they had a great defense, Cortez Kennedy managed to receive the Defensive Player of the Year award. Defense, however, without offense seldom wins games, and they ended their season 2-14 and the lowest win percentage in franchise history.


1990 New England Patriots

Record: 1-15
Head coach: Rod Rust

When you think about the New England Patriots, you think football dynasty, or Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. What you wouldn’t think is the New England Patriots had one of the worst teams in NFL History.

In 1990, the Patriots were 1-15 and had the worst offense in the league. They only scored 181 points and were almost tripled in scoring by their opponents who scored 446 points against them. They also had troubled players who after their one win for the season, running back Robert Perryman, wide receiver Michael Timpson, and tight end Zeke Mowatt sexually harassed Lisa Olson of the Boston Globe, while in their locker room. What they lacked on the field, they certainly didn’t make up for off of the field.


2008 Detroit Lions

Record : 0-16
Head coach : Rod Marinelli

In 2008, the Detroit Lions managed the first ever 0-16 season. Though they had a few chances to win some games, they just couldn’t get over the hump. Through careless mistakes, including a touchdown that was called back because the player spiked the ball too soon after scoring. Perhaps Legendary radio announcer Dan Miller summed up their atrocious season best when he said, “For 16 weeks, starting in Atlanta back in September, they took the field thinking this was gonna be their day,” he said. “Sixteen times they were wrong…They are the worst team in league history.”